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understandability meaning

Then he continued producing prototypes until he obtained a response time of 0.1 ms, which he considered good even taking new insights into account. Then he again showed the prototype to Sean; this time Sean also felt the response time was good. Initially, David produced three FRG prototypes (starting from 1 ms response time) until he felt that the response time of 0.25 ms was good. Then he showed the prototype to Sean, who did not like it and felt this response time was bad. Reliability—When two abstractions have identical names, a confused developer may end-up using the wrong abstraction.

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Why I Don’t Like Big Words Opinion.

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Definition and synonyms of understandable from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. To help ensure messages are understandable, communicators should consider these questions in the planning phase. The maintenance operations on T include add, update or remove categories and rules for maintaining the structure of the category hierarchy.

understandability definition

Financial statements are prepared for external users so that they have the necessary information to make important business decisions. The financial information must be faithfully represented, relevant, timely, and understandable. Discover the hierarchy of semantic communities in the semantic link network of concepts.

understandability meaning

Understandability refers to a specific mode of communication between employers and employees that is compatible in terms of mutual expression of common goals, interests, and values while reflecting company standards and ideals. Every industry uses formalized language, and abbreviations, that creates a sense of general recognition among company members to effectively, and productively, execute duties, responsibilities, and tasks as required. Practical and effective communication, or its lack thereof, can be the ultimate difference between company success and failure. Reusability—Duplicate abstractions often have slightly different implementations (especially Type 3 and Type 4 clones). The differences in implementations are usually due to the presence of context-specific elements embedded in the code. This makes the abstractions hard to reuse in other contexts; hence, reusability of the abstractions is impacted.


For most

content, this means simply avoiding overly complex sentences and jargon,

and providing clear layout and design. For some complex content such as

medical information, separate, easy-to-read information may be

necessary. Avoid overly complex words, jargon, and acronyms, or provide

explanations when they need to be used. Provide clear layout and design

with consistent orientation and navigation cues. See the financial statement definition, and study the purpose of financial statements.

What part of speech is understandability?

Answer and Explanation: The word 'understandable' is an adjective. Adjectives are words that describe nouns or pronouns.

The understandability concept of accounting states that the information provided in the financial statements must be easily understandable by the end users of those financial statements. Compared with the Semantic Web, the semantic link network is a study of the content networks. Its main task is to unveil the nature and the rules of evolving semantic link network where humans evolve in their lifetime, and to develop the method for discovering the semantic link network and making use of it. It uses a semantic space to specify the semantics of nodes and links, and conduct relational reasoning, which pursues rationality rather than correctness.

Understandability means that: a. Information can be easily compared to the previous year’s…

Halpern and Pearl formalized counterfactual actual causality using a structural-equation approach [976–978]. Whereas algorithmic reasoning following this approach is computationally hard in the general case [979,980], tractable instances for deciding causes and explanations https://turbo-tax.org/full-charge-bookkeeper-alternative-careers-and/ could be identified in [981]. Probabilistic causation attempts to provide criteria for the stochastic evidence to treat C as a cause for another event E. As illustrated, e.g., in [974,982], various nuances of probabilistic causation have been defined in the literature.

understandability meaning

For example, he may type cast to a wrong type, leading to a runtime problem. In case of abstractions with identical implementations, a modification in one of the abstractions needs to be duplicated across the other copies failing which a defect may occur. Changeability and Extensibility—Change or enhancement involving one abstraction potentially requires making the same modification in the duplicate abstractions as well. Testability—It requires more effort to test numerous types in an Unnecessary Hierarchy when compared to testing an alternative solution (e.g., one that uses an enumeration or a class).

2.5 Impacted Quality Attributes

We briefly revisit existing work on notions of causality, counterexample-based causality, certification, and feature-oriented systems. The modular understandability of a service is the ability of a person to understand the function of the service without having any knowledge of other services. For instance, if a banking application implements a checking account service that does not implement a deposit function but instead relies on the client to use a separate deposit service, this would detract from the service’s modular understandability. The modular understandability of a service can also be limited if the service supports more than one distinct business concept. For example, a service called CustomerCheckingAccount that mixes the semantics of both a customer service and a checking account service also limits modular understandability. The modular understandability is especially important for services, because any unknown consumer can find and use a service at any time.

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For probabilistic and dynamic feature-oriented systems, Dubslaff et al. [1005,1006] introduced a compositional modeling and analysis framework. Here, operational behaviors of features are described through MDPs with further feature information. The dynamic activation and deactivation of features can be used to describe adaptive behaviors of feature-oriented systems, e.g., to model adaptive heterogeneous hardware systems [1005] and context-dependent systems [1007,1008]. If the system is well designed (e.g., using strong software engineering practices and object-oriented or component-based techniques), as new developers join the project they are able to understand easily the implementation details and quickly begin contributing to the project.

Understandability concept of accounting

Reliability—When an abstraction “leaks” internal data structures, the integrity of the abstraction may be compromised, leading to runtime problems. Reusability—Clients of the abstraction with Leaky Encapsulation smell may directly depend upon the implementation details of the abstraction. Hence, it is difficult to reuse the clients in a different context, since it will require stripping the client of these dependencies (for reference, see Command Pattern [54]).

Is understandability a word?

Noun. understandability (usually uncountable, plural understandabilities) The property of being understandable.

What is terminology Oxford dictionary?

terminology (somewhat formal) the set of technical words or expressions used in a particular subject; words used with particular meanings:medical terminology Scientists are constantly developing new terminologies.

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