The Truth About Becoming an Independent Travel Agent


what kind of accounting for an indepenedent travel agency working with a host agency

I opened my business in 2010 as an independent agent — working on my own trying to take on the world. After finding a mentor in the industry, I was introduced to the idea of host agencies. I worked with several host agencies over the years, but joining TPI in 2012 was the best move for my business. One of the most important things you can do to manage your business is to keep track of all the costs involved. For example, not only do you need to account for your travel expenses with every trip, but you’ll also need to keep track of discounts for airline tickets and hotel rooms. In addition, you might need to make adjustments for mileage or time spent in airports, so it’s also important that you can calculate all the accounting necessary.

It’s a cutting-edge solution that helps manage invoices and expenses easily and accessible from any device on any network. Plus, we provide you the tools, tech, marketing, expertise and connections to make it seamless and fun. The capital of a business in general, including a travel agency, travel agency accounting comprises the contributions from the owners of the entity, company, partnership, or firm. The capital of the company comprises both paid and unpaid contribution of the owners to the company. It can be summed up as the net worth of the travel agency that it owes to the owners.

Books That Need to be Created for Travel Accounting

Ask for a list of the preferred suppliers and B.) ask for an idea of the sales volume with your favorite vendors. For some vendors the commission level (or tier) they pay an agency is determined by the sales volume under that agency’s accreditation number. A vendor may increase commission based on annual sales of an agency (or their host agency).


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Why is business structure important when it comes to setting up a business bank account? Well, if you’re a Sole Proprietor you can use your personal bank account, so you don’t technically need to have a separate business bank account. That said—and please, take it from me—it’s a hassle to mix your finances. Keeping them separate from the get-go will save you a lot of time in the future! A travel agent usually maintains accounting with the help of the software. They typically do this after booking the flight and hotel but before sending you a confirmation email.

The Truth About Becoming an Independent Travel Agent

Read our piece on how to become a travel agent (or if you’re new, learn what a travel agent is). When it comes to consortia and some franchises, the difference is each individual agency has their own accreditation number. Whether the business receives payments for tour package sale and any commissions received from a partner operator, which can include airlines, bus operators, hotels, and the likes. Essentially, a non-disparagement clause means that an IC couldn’t „say“ anything negative about the host, it’s employees, or services in any form of communication (verbal or written, in public or private forums).

Today’s accounting software can give you a break on tax preparation costs by taking care of the paperwork for you! With little or no computer experience, it could be difficult for you to file your taxes manually. This industry-leading strategy allows travel advisors to build their client base & generate new bookings through content creation and our in-house lead reassignment program.

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