Some great benefits of the Puppy Position


The doggie position is a great approach to give your lover extra attention during sex. It is known for boosting pelvic pressure, and can give you influence when thrusting. You can also use a cushion to help you get closer to your partner. Right now there are a variety benefits of this position, including the fact that it lasts longer and is more intimate.

One of the best reasons for having the doggie design is that it leaves both hands free, which makes it easy to reach the libidinal zone. Consequently your spouse is more likely to get your G-spot and stimulate your clitoris. In addition , also you can add a kink to this status to bring the thrills level up.

Another great good thing about this position is that it can be used for the purpose of both oral sex and oral penetration. It is perfect for hard thrusting and deep transmission, according to Tatyana Dyachenko, a sex and relationship specialist. It is also an excellent method to see the partner’s booties!

Another advantage of the doggy spot is that it might be very more comfortable. In the doggie standing, your receiving partner is typically on their hands and legs. This position allows for deeper transmission and stimulation within the G-spot, as well as anal gender. You can make the doggy job more comfortable through a supportive cushion or sand wedge.

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