Retail Logistics Software Solutions Development: What to Choose?


One of the biggest challenges for growing ecommerce businesses today is managing increased order volume. Such a strategy focuses on risk diversification, increased consistency and the surplus availability of high-priority SKUs. It also includes the ability to quickly change fulfillment workflows when one or more bottlenecks surface.

Through effective warehousing, there are many chances to raise a retail company’s profitability. If you’re misusing warehouse space or not replenishing inventory timely and efficiently, you might be losing money and damaging the reputation of your company. SCM gives you the ability to check your inventory levels in real-time to ensure that it matches your needs. Additionally, it helps you and your suppliers collaborate more effectively so that you may concentrate on demand planning and forecasts, stock up on the proper products and stop ordering expired or out-of-season goods. This feature identifies a delivery type that eliminates the need to store the products in the warehouse, as they are shipped straight from manufacturer to customer. So, handling cross-docking effectively requires robust inventory control processes.

Other ways to improve retail logistics

Ensuring next-day or a same-day delivery with zero delays and errors will require you to implement last mile delivery solutions. Such insightful data will enable mapping e-commerce logistics in an effective manner. Customers are making mobile e-commerce purchases easily these days and with a rise in such habits the mobile sales of e-commerce retail are expected to acquire 54% of the market by 2021.

Whether we’re designing customer experiences, dealing with our clients or managing our teams, we lead with empathy. That’s why we focus on using clear, intelligible language, treating every stakeholder with respect and providing support at all stages of development. By starting with a shared understanding of what makes us all human, we’re able to create the favorable conditions necessary to develop our best-in-class solutions.


We help you transform the physical world into digital insights by equipping your inventory, machinery, and purchased materials with smart sensors. Managed by certified Project Managers, our UX/UI designers and development transform your vision into a fully operational solution. Our developers put cutting-edge technologies and best industry practices to the core of your industrial software applications. We update, re-engineer, and migrate your legacy logistics platforms so that you can unlock higher business growth and cut down on expenses. Our developers build uniform and easy-to-use ERPs built specifically for your business and designed for cross-functional support of your operations. But without visibility, it is impossible to adequately produce or analyze data.


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Specific topics include maritime transport systems, global supply chains, gateways and transport corridors. Customers are virtually interfacing with a store , and the orders are shipped through parcel services, which take care of home deliveries. Figuratively, the customers are directly linked to the supply chain since their product orders interact directly with the distribution center. Supplies management entails tracking and managing inventory levels to ensure enough stock of goods to meet customer demand. For companies that don’t have the resources or capacity to invest in ongoing education or incentive programs, partnering with a retail 3PL provider can be an excellent alternative. They also have the means to invest in job skills development for their workers and typically hold multiple certifications demonstrating their capabilities, making them a smart addition to your retail logistics operation.

How do retailers handle returns?

As opposed to direct connection, file-based integration allows data to be passed between different databases or operating systems in a file (XML, JSON, flat file, CSV, etc.). In most cases, you will have to use systems from different providers which means that integration should be hard coded. In this instance, make sure your IT staff can take the load or outsource integration to external resources.

retail and logistics systems development

Stock management refers to tracking supply levels to ensure that retailers always have enough items. Cost control also includes analysing cost structures and evaluating supplier contracts to ensure competitive pricing. We bring significant and detailed fast moving retail expertise to our projects for companies in the logistics industry. The scope of the report includes a detailed study of regional markets for Global Retail Logistics Market.

Consumer demand for omnichannel retail experiences

FedEx Supply Chain, a major 3PL provider in the US and Canada, chooses APIs for compatibility with eCommerce systems. They are open for integration suggestions and allow customers to develop their own APIs to connect to their system. To answer this question, we consulted Vinodh Nithyanandam, integration manager at XPO Logistics – one of the largest providers of transportation and logistics services. Going with on-premise solutions will make it crucial to buy server hardware and license before integration of LMS within the workflow of the company. But if you want an extra level of security then an on-premise solution for a logistics management system can be more reliable. The manufacturing module of the LMS can assist in maintaining warehouse stock reserves, ensure on-time shipment and delivery of the goods and reduce costs and risks while maximizing the return on investment/assets.

  • Maximize your demand planning accuracy to drive sales, raw material availability, and efficient use of inventory and production capacity.
  • Warehousing involves storing goods, which can be done on-site or through external providers like fulfilment centres.
  • The need to build flexibility into your supply chain is more important than ever.
  • From Inventory Carrying Costs and Perfect Order Percentage to Percentage of Orders Filled from Ideal Inventory Location to Inventory Turnover Rate, there are any number of metrics you can use to gain visibility into your inventory.
  • Online retailers can grow best when their operations are automated to work at optimum efficiency.
  • The most visible effects of this are the food superstores around which many food shopping trips are based.

Scalable transportation management systems will handle increasing shipments and routes as well as multi-modal transport, multi-party shipping, and global logistics. The growth of electronic commerce has driven online retailers to increasingly work closely with other firms to enrich the assortment of order fulfilment services offered to customers. Orders and deliveries management solutions – Our team can assist you with increasing the order management efficiency. We develop solutions that enable customers to better control order placement and return channels and stay informed with real-time order tracking.

Main modules of a Logistics Management System

If you are looking to benefit from a custom logistics tracking software and desire a partner in this transformation journey, Innovecs is here to help. Here, at Innovecs, we are vastly experienced in serving different types of companies across the logistics industry. Usually, custom parcel software is needed by companies that demand a variety of features to be implemented at once and there are no suitable ready-made tools.

retail and logistics systems development

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