Creator of NFT collection worth $85 4 million reveals best tips


My DIL has those skills and is just about to end her apprenticeship! As a newcomer to the space, Van Dyn Hoven attributes gaining traction and sales to interacting with big social media influencers. It took a week for The DogePound collection to sell out, and as scarcity increased, so did demand. Once only 1,500 of the 10,000 piece collection was left, Van Dyn Hoven said a frenzy began. Van Dyn Hoven considered NiftyGateway and Rarible to sell his Doge Pound collection, but ultimately chose OpenSea because of its popularity. Being linked with such areas as restaurants, beauty, entertainment, et cetera, the coupons are no longer that attractive for customers as several months ago.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the top five do’s and don’ts for app monetization. When it comes to being an appreneur, the dream has always been making big money off your app, right? It doesn’t matter if you’ve developed the best app on the market, if you don’t plan your monetization strategy well, you won’t return a profit. My daughter’s also a VERY GOOD tattoo artist, good money in it but lots of work. My daughter’s also a tattoo artist, good money in it but lots of work.

How Kyle van Dyn Hoven Made an NFT

All that really means is that you have a digital wallet that allows you to send and receive transactions publicly. If you’re a great drawer, you probably are able to see what you’re drawing in large shapes without fussing over details right away. I can see how that approach would be hard with the controlled method of creating a tattoo. It might be interesting to develop a tattoo technique that’s like drawing from life though. One thong I learned, esoteric techniques produce amazing art but it’s awful hard to find people who can pay for them. You do a bunch of them and everybody loves them but nobody wants to pay for them.

Do’s and Don’ts of App Monetization

For his next NFT collection coming out in March, Van Dyn Hoven is working with musician Steve Aoki to create a unique 3D collection that will feature music from Aoki’s record label. Van Dyn Hoven is not the designer of The DogePound NFT collection, but he is the creator, and so he is able to take a cut of every DogePound sale. He was introduced to NBA Top Shop in 2021, a blockchain-based platform that allows fans to buy, trade, and sell NBA video highlights. And that made him want to experiment in the NFT space. Van Dyn Hoven is the founder of a media development agency, Creation Burst Studios, and longtime sports fan. In fact, it’s his love of basketball that first got him NFTs in the first place.

  • 2023 will be the year you will start to journey into Seedify’s metaverse step by step.
  • Of course, there are also things you should avoid when you’re trying to generate revenue in the app space.
  • The pandemic did not have mercy on numerous industries, and fitness was one of the most hurt.
  • I started building apps in 2011 and my first app hit #8 under educational games.

We’re monitoring 14 GitHub repos for commits, code additions and deletions. Because of delays in GitHub’s stat processing, recent activity maybe underrepresented. Be the first to learn when a crypto project has a significant spike in developer activity. If you’re offering cash or rewards to your users, they’ll often get suspicious about how it all works. That’s why you want to be as up front and straightforward as possible about how your app is generating its revenue.

It was actually only a half day off because I was working on sub plans and prepping materials for the 3rd and 7th graders from 5 am until 11. The rest of the day, I got my resume updated and submitted an application to Oshkosh. Kyle Van Dyn Hoven is the creator of the popular NFT collection, The Doge Pound on OpenSea. After years of trial and error as an entrepreneur, Van Dyn Hoven is a multimillionaire thanks to his pet themed NFT collection as NFT art and collections take over. I need to get all my job search info updated online so I’m staying home.

Top Developers 2023

Once you learn to trust that the value is just like anything else. The government can dump as much conventional $$$ they want to into circulation. NFTs from an artist perspective, is only speculative as to if it will sell once. And if it sells for enough to make it worth it to them.

These people want free everything, without any advertisements or any of the other ways you might try to turn a profit from your app. Individuals and companies have been forced to search for the way to cope with the challenging conditions and keep working remotely. The better solutions in terms of data storage and optimization, secure connections with colleagues, and the other tools that could ensure high productivity have become a need. As a result, cloud computing services — one of the solidly growing industries even before the pandemic happened — has been thriving.

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