20 Best Cryptocurrency Mining Platforms


Released in 2012 by developer Luke Dashjr, BFGMiner has become one of the most popular mining software available, second only to CGMiner. It allows users to monitor hardware temperature, detect and start idle threads, and manage rigs remotely, putting it squarely in the category of the best software for customization. This is also known as individual mining, and it is self-explanatory.

most profitable crypto to mine

Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two biggest cryptocurrencies, use proof-of-work along with many others. Whenever transactions go up for verification, miners start competing to solve for a 64-digit hexadecimal number. Depending on the type of consensus mechanism, crypto coins may require mining or otherwise.

How Long Does It Take To Mine One Bitcoin?

This coin is ranked within the top 100 by market cap, making it a worthwhile GPU mining venture. Now that we’ve looked at what crypto mining is and how it’s done, let’s discuss what cryptocurrencies are the best to mine. As we have said in some of our previous guides on crypto mining, it, unfortunately, does not include such exciting objects as pickaxes or diamonds. Fortunately, however, it also doesn’t require you to do any manual labor to get to a treasure arguably more valuable than the shiniest of gems – cryptocurrency. Haven is a Proof-of-Work cryptocurrency that is based on the CryptoNote protocol.

  • The company boasts an extremely huge Bitcoin mining pool, which is currently world’s fifth in its growth.
  • The electricity cost involved in mining a single bitcoin can be very expensive, even in the cheapest states.
  • Zionodes is hands down the most accessible BTC mining platform we came across.
  • It uses Zero Knowledge Proof technology to keep you anonymous and private while performing KMD transactions.
  • There are countless crypto mining platforms to help a technical novice and professional miner alike.

This company might be your go-to pick if you prefer simplicity and efficiency. If needed, the company also offers wallet functionality, in addition to portfolio management tools. Moreover, they’re also one of the most secure trading platforms you’ll find, and they offer unwavering customer service that’s always there when you need them. Although many crypto enthusiasts have happily taken this route, it isn’t the most efficient or cost-effective option for most people. He focuses mainly on PC, laptop, and accessory coverage, as well as the emerging world of VR.

Pros & Cons Of Crypto Mining

You basically get your own equipment and then get to work, independent of other miners’ activities. Therefore, when you unlock a new coin, all the rewards go to you. In terms of performance, ASIC is clearly superior to GPU https://www.cryptominexpress.com/ or CPU, having the ability to run 100,000 times faster than the best of these two. And, of course, that leads to great profits since the mining rewards are distributed to the first crypto users that validate a transaction.

The following sections will discuss some of the major mining platforms and utilities that make the mining procedure easy–cutting much of the technical setup. They use more energy-conservative methods to validate the transactions. Proof-of-stake is one such consensus protocol that is an alternative to proof-of-work. The first one to find the solution broadcasts it to the entire network as proof-of-work. This victory bestows the reward on the winner while others wait for the next challenge. Finally, you have veto power for any change in the network protocols.

Besides Bitcoin, Which Crypto Gives The Best Bang For Your Mining Buck?

Its price was hovering around the $ 35,000/BTC mark at the time of writing this piece. In fact, not too long ago, in Jan 2021, the price of BTC reached an all-time high of $ 42,000. However, please also know that the current BTC mining reward is 6.25 BTC per block, which will reduce to 3.125 BTC https://www.cryptominexpress.com/can-cryptomining-make-you-rich after four years. Bitcoin mining is also considerably more difficult and resource-consuming cryptocurrency to mine than newer cryptos in the market. Bitcoin mining is the process by which miners earn bitcoins in exchange for running the verification process to validate bitcoin transactions.

Still, even the most advanced mining hardware could net you about 50 dollars per day. While there are places where that can be considered serious money, it’s basically the daily minimum wage in most developed western countries. For most mining computers, a cost of 14 cents/kilowatt hour is the most you want to pay for your mining hobby.

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